Peter Schmid
Swiss Certified auditor, Licensed Audit Expert
Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid

Peter Schmid
has left Gfeller + Partner in the meantime.
Swiss Certified auditor, Licensed Audit Expert
Mandate Manager
Phone (direct):
+41 31 310 40 06
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Jobs & Qualifications

Leadership of mandates as statutory auditors (ordinary and limited audits) of companies in various industries (Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER); in-depth know-how in the IT sector, financial services and trading companies, retirement homes and NPO's; further audits in accordance with Swiss auditing standards and special audits (in connection with foundations, capital increases and liquidations); introduction of accounting standard Swiss GAAP FER; Introduction and preparation of consolidated financial statements; preparation of annual financial statements with regard to commercial law, tax and business management aspects; general Tax Consulting (direct taxes and VAT); business management consulting; financial and investment planning; business plans; due diligence; establishment and optimisation of internal controlling; specialist knowledge in the field of Excel tool development.
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