Company history

The company was founded in 1983 and has been operating under its current name Gfeller + Partner AG since 1992. The shareholders are the active partners of the company. We are therefore independent and not bound to any further interests. We are a member of EXPERTsuisse and Accounting Suisse and are committed to complying with their standards.

Gfeller + Partner AG - Quota
We have broadened our customer relationships harmoniously and continuously and have greatly expanded our range of services in recent years.

The professional Audit which provides comprehensive financial statements and tax consulting as well as business management consulting (succession planning, financial planning, company valuations, introduction of new accounting standards [Swiss GAAP FER] and others) for SMEs and groups of companies in a wide range of industries and orientations have become the main pillars of business activity. As an outsourcing partner, we also handle accounting and salary administration for our clients.

In Oberaargau and in the neighbouring regions and cantons, we have been able to make a name for ourselves which stands for professionally competent consulting activities and highly trained consultants of integrity. In August 2001, the company opened a branch office in Berne in order to be even closer to its clients in the Berne region. In November 2005, the office was strengthened and expanded through the integration of four new partners. From Langenthal and Berne we are now active throughout Switzerland.

Today, we employ more than 30 people in Langenthal and Bern. Among them are 6 certified accountants, 2 certified tax experts/lawyers and 5 certified fiduciary experts. Ongoing and targeted training and further education of our employees guarantees modern, up-to-date and professional services.

We are optimally aligned to provide professional and comprehensive support to medium-sized companies and groups of companies.

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