André Jordi
Expert-comptable diplômé, Experte-réviseur agréée Betriebsökonom FH
André Jordi

André Jordi

André Jordi
has left Gfeller + Partner in the meantime.
Expert-comptable diplômé, Experte-réviseur agréée Betriebsökonom FH
Mandate Manager
Phone (direct):
+41 62 916 60 55
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Jobs & Qualifications

Leadership of mandates as statutory auditors of companies of different legal forms and sizes in various industries with annual financial statements according to the Swiss Code of Obligations and Swiss GAAP FER; in-depth knowledge of auditing licensed transport companies (KTU), employee benefit plans (BVG), further audits according to Swiss auditing standards and special audits; Introduction and preparation of consolidated financial statements (OR, Swiss GAAP FER); preparation of annual financial statements with regard to commercial law, tax and business management aspects; general Tax Consulting (direct taxes and VAT); business management consulting; financial and investment planning; due diligence, company valuations.
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