Tax Consulting

A large number of direct and indirect taxes and duties burden economic processes. It is therefore crucial to know the tax consequences in advance. Our specialists have many years of professional experience and will accompany you (companies, institutions, private individuals) safely and with the necessary foresight, optimised through the tax jungle. Our strength lies in the design of individual, tax-optimised solutions.
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As much as necessary, as little as possible; this also applies to taxes.

Our services cover the entire tax law with a focus on compliance and national tax issues.

Advice on tax issues for companies and private individuals

  • Tax optimisation with regard to legal form and choice of location
  • Planning of tax-optimized corporate structures
  • Tax optimization of annual financial statements
  • Tax optimisation for company acquisitions/disposals
  • Planning and implementation of succession arrangements and holding concepts
  • negotiations with tax authorities and preparation of appeals
  • Development of optimized wage and expense models / expense regulations
  • Optimization of remuneration (wages vs. dividends)
  • Advice and support in the disclosure of previously untaxed assets

Advice and support on VAT issues

  • VAT risk assessment (check-up) for companies and institutions
  • Avoidance of input tax backlogs / input tax losses
  • Determination of correct input tax reductions
  • VAT representation in Switzerland for foreign companies
  • Assessment of balance tax vs. effective settlement method

Completion of tax declarations

  • Tax returns for companies and private individuals
  • Value added tax settlements / finalizations
  • Requests for refunds
  • Control of tax invoices and tax assessments
  • Accompanying persons affected by foreign taxes

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Tax Consulting


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